Tuesday, October 13, 2009

im back

ahahahahha! lame gle oh aku x update disini.
nak buat macam mana.aku tak de benda menarik nak share. bukan kerja dah.tak study dah.
nak masuk picture menarik pun aku bukan lah kaki tangkap gambar.
hiudp aku hanya kuicng.family and kawan2....lelaki.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

blah la ko!

sume x leh pakai!
babi oh rasa!!! kenapa aku ni! xboleh na terang kan.
kenapa rasa cam lonely gila?
leh pakai ke ayat tu?
gila laaa. finally aku sendiri yang admit nya.]
ye ke aku lonely?
sikit ar!
ada laaa.
stupid la perasaan ni!

Friday, June 12, 2009

im back from coconut shell. :)

quite long time i didnt write in my blog. coz im so bz with my day.
and my anak buluss.
what's dat?
btw. i just bought 2 cats frm padypaddy. and they're really cuteee.
cute ya amat.
and 1 kitten br booked.
and not sure ble leh dpt.
so makin banyak la kucing2 di rumah.
dont ask me about price.
coz if i tell da price. people will get shock.
i just tell quite pricey la.
but. i dun care. as long as im happy. ryte?
i know. i spend alots of money to take of them. from cage. to everything.
even food pun need alots of dollar.
i cant wait to meet them.
sometime i wish i'll be the breeder. but..
not decide yet.
not sure.
my pompok now pregnant.
but im not sure who's da daddy.
might be her brother. nuneng.

my new cat.
blackie. she's munckin.
da mengawan.
ngn nuneng.
so wait da result laa.
later i'll send da pic.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

la la land

I am confident, but
I still have my moments.
Baby, that's just me.

I'm not a supermodel
I still eat McDonalds.
Baby, that's just me.

Some may say I need to be afraid
Of losing everything.
Because of where I've
If I started,Where I made my name
But everything's the same
In a La-la land machine. Machine.

Who said I can't wear my
Converse with my dress?
Oh, Baby, That's just me!

And Who said I can't be single
I have to mingle
BABYYY, That's not me
Noo, noo.

Some may say I need to be afraid
Of losing everything.
Because of where I've
If I started, Where I made my name
But everything's the same
In the La-la land machine.

Tell me do you feel the way I feel
Cuz nothing else is real
In the la-la land machine


Some may say I need to be afraid
Of losing everything.
Because of where I've
If I started
Where I made my name
When everything's the same
In La-la land machine
Well, I'm not gonna change
In a La-la land machine
Well I will stay the same
In La-la land...


I won't change anything of my life
(I won't change anything of my life)
I'm staying myself tonight
(I'm staying myself tonight)

p/s: this is me! =)

Saturday, February 7, 2009

doodle.doodly.doody.DUDA.JANDA.wakakakakka =)

hobi br ak ngn cdot.hobby baru actually.kn.kn. cdot.=)
doodle ni best banget! njoy oh.leh lukis2.time2 bosan cm ni mmg syok mendoodle kn diri. =)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

tag lg? =)

1.) What is your name?
nurul ain

2.) Do you find it annoying when surveys ask for your name?
not really.depends

3.) What do you plan to buy in the future?
home sweet home

4.) Where did you get the underwear you are currently wearing?
tesco? ahakz! cheap2.

5.) How many pairs of Converse do you own?
a pair

6.) Who is your favorite “That ’70s Show” character?

7.) There is a mummy standing behind you. What do you do?
say hello.

8.) What do you think of Miley Cyrus?
freak!but her brother so gorgeous! =)

9.) Do you tend to think that you are always right?
sometimes.im a loser. =(

10.) Top Five Favorite Songs:
1.john travolta=summer night
2.the beatles=yesterday
3.frank sinatra=i did it my way
4.natalie imbruglia=torn
5.natasha bedingfield=unwritten

11.) What was your favorite toy as a child?
erm.let me think.fave toys?none! scariest toys?barbie! horrible!

12.) Have you thought more about your funeral, or your wedding?

13.) Dinosaurs or Unicorns?

14.) What is your favorite musical?
erm.vocal?part of musical??wakakkaka

15.) You need new jeans. Where do you go?
dorothy perkins baby! i love them!!

16.) Do you play the Sims 2?

17.) Do you think Harry Potter is at all immoral to read?

18.) What do you think of Maroon 5?
got maroon in 5 person?wakakkaka.

19.) What about Coldplay?
fucking gorgeous-->chris martin. =)

20.) Fall Out Boy?
weisz with simpson?awww.hot couple. =)

21.) Katy Perry?

22.) How about The All-American Rejects?
i love tysonnnn!!!! cool band!

23.) Have you ever snuck into an R-rated movie when you weren’t old enough to see it without ermmmmm.

24.) The Wii or Xbox 360?

25.) Team Demi/Selena or Team Miley?
miley?cyrus? fuck!

26.) Do you know many Emily’s?

27.) What do you think of the Jonas Brothers?
when u look me in the eyes!!!lalalalalalla.

28.) Have you ever slept in a tent, indoors or out?

29.) What is your favorite kind of Girlscout cookie?

30.) Do you enjoy surveys?

31.) What do you hear at the moment?
nothing.ceiling's fan?

32.) Why do you think so many people love myspace?
expose lebih!

33.) What do you think of people who do illegal drugs?

34.) Do you watch the Olympics?
sports? yes!

35.) What are your top five favorite stories?

36.) Do you like the new Weezer album?
i dont know

37.) What did you think of Panic at the Disco taking out the exclamation point in their name?

38.) What is the worst job you have ever had?
cake promoter.wakakakka

39.) Have you ever been to Minnesota?
i wish it

40.) What is the strangest thing you’ve ever seen on TV?
porn! bullshitting!

41.) Do you watch informercials when there is nothing on?

42.) What is your favorite Disney Show?

43.) Have you ever seen the Wedding Singer?n

44.) Top five reasons people rank things:

45.) Have you ever gone camping?

46.) What do you miss most about elementary school?
gossiping with my girlsss!

47.) What do you do when you want to fill out a survey, but none of your friends have posted surveys that you have not taken yet?

48.) What is your favorite kind of DQ Blizzard?

49.) Has anything funny ever happened to you while in Wendy’s?
i paid his food. =) funny right? erm.

50.) What is your current job? If you are applying anywhere, where?
asst town planner. government la!

tag =)

1. Apakah benda yang paling penting dalam hidup kamu?

2. Apakah benda terakhir yang kamu beli dengan wang sendiri?
.mcm2.na list kn ke?

3. Dimanakah tempat impian perkahwinan kamu?

4. Berapa lama hubungan kamu berkekalan?
.not sure

5. Adakah anda dilamun cinta?
.not sure

6. Dimanakah restoran terakhir kamu makan malam?
.burger king. =)

7. Namakan buku terakhir yang kamu beli?
.road map utk klang valley,seluruh selangor dan putrajaya --> utk keje maa.claim ofis. =)

8. Apakah nama penuh kamu?
.nurul ain abdull hadi

9. Kamu lebih senang ngan mak atau ayah?
.both. but daddy 1st!

10. Namakan seseorang yang kamu ingin jumpa untuk pertama kalinya dalam hidup anda?
.ramai! erm. hercules.

11. Sebutkan 8 nama sahabat yang paling rapat dengan kamu?

12. Adakah kamu mencuci pakaian kamu sendiri?=>
.of course!

13. Tempat yang paling seronok kamu mahu pergi?

14. Butirkan 5 perkara tentang orang yang tag kamu?
.pacak oh pacak
.mulut bising!
.fill in the blank =)

15. 8 perkara yang amat saya gilai?

16. Pelukan atau ciuman?

17. 8 perkataan yang sering diucapkan?

18. 8 buah buku yang paling baru baca?
.mst la road map!

19. 8 lagu yang saya boleh dengar berulang kali?
byk la.mls na tulis

20. Mari Men ' tag ' 8 orang len
.sape2 je la